Great Clubs for Average Golfers

How to hit the

The set-up...

Engage Brain...

  • Stand close to the ball.
    The putter-like lie angle will make this an upright swing.  With your eyes over the ball you can better see the target line. 

  • Position the ball in the middle of your stance.
    It may take some trial and error until you find the position that's best for your swing. 

  • Keep your hands forward.
    Set up with your hands 'ahead of the ball.' You'll want to delay the wrist break until after you hit the ball.

Disengage Brain...

  • your grip is firm (not tight)

  • your hands are ahead of the ball

  • the same tempo throughout the swing.

  • Sweep the club under the ball

  • break your wrists after impact


  • keep your head still.
    be looking at the ground under the ball after you complete the swing

For longer shots...
break your wrists on the backswing.

finish looking at the ground under the ball.

Re-engage Brain... and line up the putt.

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