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Choosing Shafts

There are three choices to make when choosing your shafts:

Material, Length and Flex.


Graphite is lighter than steel.  You may be able to generate more swing speed (thus distance). Graphite absorbs more shock.

Steel seems more consistent and it costs less.

Set Fit uses shafts from the top manufacturers (Aldila and True Temper).  We cut them for the swing of an average golfer.


Check your fingertip to floor measurement (in street or golf shoes). Most men will measure between 27 and 29 inches. Most women, between 25 and 27 inches. We trim the shafts to the best length for each customer.


Distance is determined by clubhead/swing speed. 
Until you take lessons and practice... your swing speed will not change very much.

In terms of the golf shots, stiffer shafts hit 'straighter'... more flexible shafts hit 'longer.'  

The best advise is to play the most flexible shaft you can control. 

(Don't exaggerate your '150 club' in the questions above.)



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