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The SetFit Driver

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Most drivers are designed for highly skilled players. When struck with a high-speed swing their steep faces produce a low, boring trajectory. 

In the hands of an average golfer, with mere mortal swing speed, two things go wrong.

  1. the launch angle is too shallow, and

  2. the face must be square at impact, or the ball will hook or slice 

The SetFit Driver has almost 50% more loft than most drivers.  The result is longer and straighter drives.

Longer - not because of humps, bubbles, miracle metals or other gimmicks - It's Longer because you actually get the ball into the air.

Straighter because more loft means more backspin and less sidespin. Sidespin, imparted to the ball when the clubface is not square at impact, is what causes hooks and slices.



The SetFit Driver is designed for Average Golfers. You will hit it straighter and longer than any of the drivers designed for the pros.


The SetFit Driver
combines the loft of a #3 Wood
with the forgiveness of a modern day driver.

sf1_001a.jpg (386445 bytes)  SF1W_005a.jpg (695330 bytes)

Why does it work?

  1. More Loft. The SetFit Driver has 50% more loft than most drivers. More loft makes it easier to hit. It means a higher launch angle and trajectory and less side-spin (side-spin causes hooks and slices).
  2. More Forgiveness. You know your #3 Wood is easier to hit from the tee (that's the loft).  But the #3 Wood head is usually smaller than the driver's and not as forgiving. The SetFit Driver's large volume means more forgiveness. 
  3. More confidence. A conventional Driver gives you brain cramps. With the SetFit Driver you can relax and make a nice smooth swing.

Improve your total driving distance!


The SetFit Driver is Now Available!

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