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Help for your Short Game.

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The golf gurus tell us to 'chip' with anything from a #3 Wood to a Lob Wedge.  Each of these shots requires a different technique and lots of practice.  Trouble is... average golfers don't practice short game techniques.

Average Golfers try to reach greens we can't reach. Even if we hit two great shots back to back... we're usually still short of the green. The SetFit55 is the one club you'll carry that is designed for short shots.



(Conforms with USGA Rules!!!)

The SetFit55 is a chipping wedge  designed to give Average Golfers 'Instant Short Game'

The features ...

DSCF8635a.jpg (382568 bytes)

SF55_006a.jpg (611644 bytes) Flat Top Line...
The most noticeable feature of the is the flat top line.  It's flat for two reasons:
First, 'perpendicular' is easier to see than 'parallel.' The alignment guide makes it easier to square the club to the target line.  Second, this keeps more weight below the equator of the ball, and that means a higher shot.

SF55_009a.jpg (218525 bytes) face angle...
combines with the shallow face to produce a high shot and a soft landingFlop, drop, plop and stop.

SF55_008a.jpg (405923 bytes) a wide, radiused sole... 
designed to slide across the ground and minimize chunked shots.

SF55_006a.jpg (611644 bytes) putter-like lie angle...
Stand closer than you think. With your eyes 'over the ball' you can better see the target line.  Better alignment and a smooth - straight at the target - stroke mean better results more often.

SF55_008a.jpg (405923 bytes) heavy, low center of gravity, clubhead...
with more mass than the average putter-head, the promotes a smooth stroke with plenty of "oomph" through the shot.
SF55_006a.jpg (611644 bytes) slightly longer than putter-length shaft...
short enough for putter-like control, long enough to be effective from farther out.

SF55_006a.jpg (611644 bytes) thicker grips...
if you prefer, an oversized grip helps reduce wrist action.


Use the anywhere and everywhere inside of 55 yards (longer for some, closer for others). The rough, the bunker, even from tight lies.  This does a couple of things...

First, it gets you to the green with a simple, single, straight-ahead stroke.  Second, when you're standing in the fairway at the outer edge of your ability to hit the green, you'll have confidence (knowing you can get up and down) to go for it.


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