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The golf gurus are not talking to us...

'Putting' is NOT 'half the game' when you shoot 110.
You don't make 8s because you 4-putt.

They're not talking to us when they say 'drive for show and putt for dough.' You can't sink putts from the woods.

No matter what, you play the game with your swing. And it won't get any better between the 1st Tee and the 18th Green. 

The secret to lower scores is knowing what you can do with a golf club and playing the course within your abilities.

Try to over-achieve on the practice range. On the course... Play Your Game

Answer these few questions (honestly) and we'll give you some insight into your best Course Management Strategy. 

What's your best 18 hole score ever? 

What's your average 18 hole score? 

How long was your longest drive ever? 

How far can you hit the ball AND 
be reasonably sure it will hit the fairway? 

What's your comfortable Pitching Wedge distance?




But how do you know what "your game" is?

The most important thing to know is your 'Go Point.'

This is the point from which you have a realistic chance of hitting the green with an iron. Beyond this point (unless it's to win the match) you should set up the surer shot to the green..

Based on your answers to the questions, your 'Go Point' is yards. On any given (Par 4) hole, if you can Drive the ball (into the fairway) and leave yourself a shot closer than this... go for it.

This means, with your Tee Shot and 'Go Point,' you can challenge holes up to yards long. Check the wind, water and weather and hit your driver.

On longer holes, play it safe... play it smart.

For example, let's say the hole is yards long. If you try to muscle the ball to your Go Point, chances are pretty good that you'll mis-hit the shot. Relax. Hit a smooth (smart) yard drive. Then hit a yard positioning shot. This will set up an easy yard wedge to the green. Two putt for Bogey. 

When (not if, but 'when') you mis-hit a drive, don't panic. Unless you have a great lie, a straight shot to green or your opponent is on the green putting for the win, take your medicine. Try to hit your second shot to a point between and yards (between your 'Go point' and a Wedge) to the green. Get on in three and try to make the putt.

Remember, the longest hole you should challenge is yards.

Play your game you will shoot lower scores the very next time you play

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