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Ask Any Pro...

they will recommend that you
replace your long irons with fairway woods.  

A Wood's face is slightly curved... top to bottom and side to side. It's called 'bulge and roll.'  On off-center hits the clubhead works to impart a corrective spin to the ball (it's called the 'gear effect').  Iron faces are flat.  They do not correct for mis-hits.

Set Fit Woods are designed for Average Golfers!

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Want to hit the ball higher?
1) Low profile clubheads mean you're more likely to strike the ball below it's equator.  Hit the ball on the bottom... and it will get up in the air.
2) SetFit Woods have extra loft. This makes them easier to hit and means a higher 'launch angle' and that means higher ball flight. 
3) We use mid-bend point shafts to insure higher trajectory from an average swing.

Want to hit the ball straighter?
The more loft a club has, the easier it is to hit.  The ball will roll up the face. Rolling up the face imparts 'backspin' to the ball. Backspin makes the ball fly straight.  SetFit Woods have extra loft. More loft than most long and middle irons.  More loft makes them easier to hit.

Want to hit the ball farther?
SetFit Wood's shafts are longer than the irons.  This means more clubhead speed from the same swing.  More clubhead speed means more distance.  SetFit uses great shafts (True Temper steel and Aldila graphite).  The ones designed for average golfers, not Pros. 

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