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From a customer who bought his second SetFit55...

...My  wife asked me the same question today.  "Why are you ordering another one?"  The answer is kinda goofy, but hey, golf is a goofy game.  Basically I use that freaking club virtually every single hole.  Other then doing 100% of my chipping with it, I have learned to use it from about 50 yards in <straight back with soft wrist break right before I strike the ball>.  I have never been able to hit short wedges with the accuracy and ball stopping result as I do with my SF55.  It's kind of like firing an automatic weapon, idiot proof.  So why buy another one?  My whole short game is built around that club and while I hope you are in business for the next 20 years, I'm not 100% sure you will be.  I will however be playing golf for the next 20 years and the thought of playing without it started freaking me out.  I can't express to you just how bad my short game use to be.

-Jim S.

"...It works great in the sand or the grass.... The SetFit55 is a chipping wedge designed to give average golfers an  "Instant Short Game." If you are not a great wedge player this will definitely save you strokes..."

-Joe Davidson, Publisher - golfhelp.com issue #150

Sensible Clubfitting.

Who decided all golf club sets would be Driver, 3W, 5W, 2-PW, SW, putter? It's one of those conservative features of golf, when actually the sorts of clubs used have always been changing (remember the "mashie niblick"?). So here's a company that STARTS with the average golfer's ability level, and makes clubs to help with that -- not frustrating the golfer with trying to adapt to what the pros do every outing.

Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone�

I just received my SetFit 55 chipper in the mail and have been playing with it non stop.  
The club is awesome.  When I pulled it out of the box I was struck by the SIZE of the actual club head.  It is HUGE but NOT to heavy.  I feel it very well balanced on back swing and the smooth balanced pendulum like motion needed for this type of club is definitely there.  I use Odyssey putters and have swung lots of Scotty Cameron's so I have felt good stuff before.

and later...

once again I wanted to say thanks for building this great club.  It is just stupidly fun to play with it now that I have really got a sense of what it can do.  The guys I play with just shake their heads at how accurate I am with the thing from 40 yards into the green with this hybrid chipper. 

-Jim S.

Just a quick note.  I have been struggling of late, partially due to the fact that I have been listening to too many people, giving me too many lessons filling my head with you just need a little extra distance.

The struggle continued today, I played the front 9 and shot a 59.  I labored with an Kathy Whitford 3 and 5 wood, as I did yesterday and the day before.  I was contemplating giving up, and at the turn talked myself into continuing.  I put the Whitford's away and went to my old standbys, my trusty Set Fit 3, 5 and 7.  A 7 on the par 5 10th, and a par on the 11th.  I finished the back 9 with a 49.  I have put the other clubs away, and will continue to only use my Set Fit clubs from here on. 
 - Kathleen D.

5 fairways - drastic improvement. love my new SetFit Driver..

5 three putts - do you make a putter?

-Kevin P. 

I purchased all the SetFit Woods and have seen my accuracy (keeping the ball in play) jump at least 75%. The progress that I have made in my golf game with these woods has amazed my friends. The SetFit driver is an incredibly well-engineered product. I question whether going out to the golf course without my SetFit driver would be worth my time. It certainly would not be as much fun!  I have told all of my acquaintances that this truly is "the straightest driver on the planet."

-Rick C.

I'll tell you one thing... I just love that club. with just the 1st day of using it. Hits them nice & straight beyond expectation.

- Bill B.

I played golf in Vail. What a nice course with spectacular scenery, but I
really missed your clubs. I had to rent some Callaway's and they just were not as good a feel as my SetFit clubs.  At least I had a good excuse for playing badly.  Even with my inability to play golf anymore, the clubs get me through

-Dan M.

Thank you so much for the rapid delivery; the 55 is great! I hit full around 55-60 yards and it was very accurate...  I have never been able to hit a 56 degree lob wedge but I have a lot of confidence with the SetFit 55.  BTW I shot my career round...

-Daniel C.

the 55 works great, including out of sand!

-Dan G.

My new "55" was waiting at the door for me yesterday when I got home from work.  I immediately unboxed it and took it our to my favorite Pitch & Putt place for a trial run.  I WAS INSTANTLY IMPRESSED.  It's hard to hit it badly (and I am an expert on that).  I played around with it from a variety of lies and distances - even hit a few out of sand traps. The balls lofted well off the club face with lots of backspin, and landed softly with very little run. I managed to put most of the balls in a fairly tight circle around the pin, hit the pin on several shots, and HOLED ONE FROM ABOUT 15 YDS. OUT.  I like the weight and feel. The loft gets the ball up in the air easily. The ALDILA graphite shaft is nice - looks good/feels good and seems to absorb the shock. And the Midsize GOLF PRIDE grip is tacky (in a good sense) and seems to help me keep my wrists quiet. Even on the few mis-hits I had (HEY-it was my first time out with it) the ball didn't go as far astray as I shoot them with conventional wedges. By the way, I did remember to keep my hands ahead of the ball -- thanks for the reminder. With a little practice to improve my touch, I think this will be a valuable weapon in my bag. I'll keep you posted on how it does on it's maiden voyage next time I go out for a round of golf which I hope will be in the next couple of days. I appreciate your excellent service and quick shipment. If you ever need a testimonial for advertising your clubs, I'll be happy to oblige. 

-Mark W.

The SetFit 55 has dramatically changed my game. Until the '55' I was very inconsistent around the greens, missing more than I made, costing me strokes. With the '55', I now have a playmaker when I am within 50 yards of the pin. I can now play tee to green with more options, and with confidence around the pin. I have reduced my score by 5 shots the last two rounds I have played with the SetFit 55. You need this club ! 

- Jeff S.

I really like my SetFit 55.  I stand a little closer and more over the ball, follow through with my normal swing, it will put the ball right at the distance and place you want it.  A normal swing will put the ball right at 55 yard mark.  I hit a chip shot yesterday from 55 yards and put it within 6 feet of the hole. I was so impressed that I hit 3 more balls from the very spot, with the same swing, and put all 3 consecutive balls within 3 feet of the first one.

The club is so precise and consistent when you let it do the work and you do your normal swing.  An average golfer can get consistent accuracy and distance with the SetFit 55.  I highly recommend it.

I even tried it in the sand and it worked just like a sand wedge.

- Dan M

I tried the 55 at the local park- the ball goes to the moon Alice. 

- Ian W.

Got 'em. Tried 'em. Love 'em. 

- Bob O.

Thanks for creating a club that provides me the confidence needed to get up and down from tricky green side situations.  Many times, I've have shocked my playing partners with deft and accurate shots from areas that provided very little green to work with.  Since I putt fairly well, the SetFit 55 has helped lower my score by putting me in situations to consistently drain three footers for par or on occasion (short par 5's) a bird.  Great club and thanks again. 

- Chaz M

Your clubs have taken my typical score of 100++ to an average in the low 90's.   Your theory behind the importance of fitting the set to my game has definitely made a difference.  It is impossible to count the number of times that my golfing friends have said that they can't believe the improvement in my game. 

Jeff G.

I actually went to the Island Sports Center for my indoor practice, went thru two large buckets of balls.  The clubs feel great.  I am really looking forward to the weather warming up here (it's supposed to snow today) and getting outside to use them. 

- Lowell M.

I am very pleased with the woods you sent me. They are probably the easiest clubs to hit in my bag and have added 10-20 yards length over my old clubs. I'm even drawing the ball off the fairway, something I've never done with a fairway wood before. 

- Jerry J.

The clubs arrived 3 days ago, they looked great, went out and played 9 holes that day. They felt great, got rid of my slice, they have a really nice sweet spot.  I hit the ball further and straighter than i ever have.  Just want to thank you and everyone at "Set Fit Golf" for their help. - Spiro A.

I really enjoy your site.  I've refer to it often, and suggested it to other high handicap players.

This summer I've gone from hitting 60's (over 9 holes!) to a 43 in my last league round.  That's quite a jump!  Much of it comes from the ideas on your web site.  I can certainly attest to the fact that a 43 is MUCH more fun than a 60.  In that 43 I even had two putts lip out.

The idea of not hitting anything longer than a 5 iron seems like a waste of clubs, but boy can it be a score saver. Targeting my correct approach distance, etc. has made huge differences in the pressure on me.

Thank you for putting together such a nice site with great information.  I hope more of us hackers will read and learn.

- Mike J.

Wanted to send a note saying how much I enjoy the clubs...
My biggest obstacle to the game after the new clubs was re-adjusting my distances.  I was consistently hitting all the clubs 10-15 yards farther than my old set.  My accuracy has improved too.  In fact, I logged my first hole-in-one this past week using the 8-iron on a 147 yard hole.  The custom clubs have given me more consistent yardage, more accuracy, and have contributed to dropping my handicap approximately 8 strokes.  Thanks for your web site and your assistance.  

- Chris S.

The clubs you built are fantastic.  They've made a definite impact on my game.  I am crushing the fairway woods.  I don't miss the three or four iron one bit. 

  - Mike H.

Your thought provoking questions lead to choices I could understand the rational behind, was refreshingly unique. In my youth (long time ago) it seemed that gaining a customers business was worthy of a sellers time and care.  Dealing with you was just such an experience.  I got beautiful clubs "custom fit" with the correct flex and length shaft, high quality grips custom fit to my hand size and fantastic feeling and looking club heads all at a very fair competitive price. 

- Stewart M.

Thought I'd let you know I played Poppy Hills at Pebble Beach last week and shot a net 76.  This was the most difficult course I have ever played and going in I didn't think I had a chance to shoot below 85.  The new clubs are working out great.  I can confidently hit off the tee and the fairway with the woods and the new irons are helping my short game no end.  

- James M.

I played yesterday and shot a 94!   I used the 7 wood every opportunity I could and I really hit it well.  On one par 3 I hit my 6 iron and shanked it into "doodoo." So I hit the 7 wood off the tee and one-putted for a bogey.  Not bad!!!  

- Russ C.

This is a great site. In the few minutes I've browsed through, I feel like I've taken an hour's lesson on golf clubs, and I feel like a light has been turned on regarding what's wrong with my game. 

- Karen P.

If more companies actually cared if their customers were improving their games there would not be "Slow Play Policies" at so many golf courses around the country.  

- Robert D.

Yesterday I shot my lowest score ever, net 68, and may have won in my Flight.  I went from playing my worst game ever to shooting my best game, in one week.  

- James M.

My 3 and 4 irons are now mounted in the wall of my garage with the 7 wood now in their place.   

- J. C.

I used my new 3 Wood this weekend and shaved 4 strokes off my previous best score.

- Chuck

Your website was a life saver for someone that is totally new to the game and really doesn't know much about it.

- Christie

I have been fitting/building clubs for many years... Just visited your site for the first time and have seen more practical golf advice than through all the various instructions, articles, etc. that are continually disseminated.

- J. Edmondson

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