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At some point in the set (it happens to everyone) you lose the ability to hit good shots. Wherever that is in your set (the #3, #4, #5 or #6 iron) remove the offending clubs. You will hit fewer bad shots - and more good shots - every round. Better yet...

Fit Your Set to Your Game. 


Any teaching pro will tell average golfers to replace long irons with fairway woods.  It's the reason a wood replaces the #1 and #2 irons in a conventional set.

Set Fit Golf takes this great idea to the next level making it possible to replace the long AND middle irons with fairway woods.


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The SetFit Driver is designed for an average golfer's swing speed. It has 50% more loft than an average driver and it replaces the Pro's Driver... you can't hit.
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The SetFit 3 Wood replaces the #1 and #2 irons. 
The SetFit 5 Wood replaces the #3 and #4 irons.
The SetFit 7 Wood replaces the #5 and #6 irons
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The SetFit55 gives an average golfer 'instant short game.' This club performs like a lob wedge (flop, drop, plop and stop) but it is much easier to hit.
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Balance your set with your skill.

If you can't hit it, don't carry it.

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