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An old man and a young man, both walk-ups, happened to be paired for a round of golf. The flat belly could crush the ball but lacked control. The older guy wasn't as long, but could keep the ball in play.

On one hole, while in the woods looking for the young man's ball, the astonished pair stumbled upon a leprechaun.

Times being what they are, a pot of gold was out of the question, so the elf offered to grant each man one 'golf wish.'

The young man said, "I want to be longer off the tee!"

The old man said, "I want to be straighter off the tee."

The wee one smiled, reached into and pulled two clubs from a tree stump. He handed each man a new Driver. The young man's club was made of miracle metals. It was the latest and greatest complete with humps and bubbles. The Old man was handed a new SetFit Driver. When they looked up, the leprechaun was gone.

Returning to their round the young man hit a booming drive off the next tee. Instead of 275, it flew 300 yards... 25 yards deeper into the woods.

The older gent, still steady at 225 yards, split the fairway with his next tee shot.

At the end of the round the two were talking and comparing notes. The young man was thrilled with his new driving distance. An extra 25 yards would really impress his buddies. Too bad he only hit 4 fairways.

The old man had stayed steady at 225, hit all 14 fairways and had hit more greens than ever.

Do the math...

Young guy before the leprechaun:

4 fairways at 275 yards: 1,100 yards total driving distance

Young guy after the leprechaun:

4 fairways at 300 yards: 1,200 yards total driving distance.

Total Gain:  100 yards!

Old guy before the leprechaun:

9 fairways at 225 yards: 2,025 yards total driving distance

Old guy after the leprechaun:

14 fairways at 225 yards: 3,150 yards total driving distance.

Total Gain: 1,125 yards!


The moral of the story...

You'll gain more yardage by improving accuracy than you will by adding distance.

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