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Is a new Hi-Tech Driver is the answer...

If you want to add a few extra yards to your already consistently straight Drives,  Hi-Tech may be the answer.

But... If your Drives are not already consistently straight  you'll add a few yards alright... And you'll wind up a few yards deeper in the woods.

The less loft a club has, the harder it is to hit.

The more loft a club has, the easier it is to hit.

Look for a balance between distance and accuracy... but always choose accuracy over distance.  A 150 yard drive in the fairway is better than a 250 yard drive in the woods.  When the Pros need accuracy off the Tee, they'll back up and hit a #3 Wood... or even an iron.  They know... The more lofted the club, the more accurate the shot. 

If you can't hit a 9 Steel Driver straight... you probably can't hit a Titanium 9 straight either.  So back up to a #3 Wood... or a #5 Wood... or a #7 Wood... Whichever club you consistently land in the fairway is your  best Driver.



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