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This tip sent in by Scott Phillips of Birmingham, England, UK (3/31/05)

Weight shift will really help you get rid a slice. For those golfer who suffer with flare slices (ball starts on target then spins off to the right), I suspect that they are hanging back after impact. Here is a drill that could be used in your own house to show you how weight shift will help you square the clubface. Pick up a club, slowly swing to the top and pause. Slowly swing down, making sure to leave all your weight on the right side (you could lift your left foot off the ground) and try and cross your forearms. Then do it when shifting your weight onto the left foot. You'll see that when you shift your weight, its easier to cross your forearms, therefore easier to square the clubface.

and on 7/5/2006 Scott added...

This is an easy way to eradicate a slice and start hitting draws. When practicing, put a headcover just above your target line about an inch behind the ball (Make sure you give yourself room to hit the ball). Make a swing ensuring that you do not make contact with the headcover. If you do it correctly, you simply cannot cut across the ball and therefore significantly reduces the chance of hitting a slice.

It should look like this.
           (________)- Headcover
        Ball    Target Line


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