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Choosing a Pro

Know your goals.
There's a big difference between teaching someone who's goal is "to break 100" and someone who wants "to play on the PGA Tour."  The Pro needs to know what you want to accomplish, and how much time and effort you are willing to invest.

Interview Prospective Teaching Pros.
You'll find them at Practice Facilities and Golf Courses.  Just stop in and ask questions.  A Good Pro will want to give you a series of lessons.

A good teaching Professional will make one or two changes at a time.  You have to habituate the change (make it a natural part of your swing) before moving to the next Lesson.  Whatever the change, it will feel uncomfortable at first.  Hit a dozen/hundred balls this way and it begins to get comfortable.

If you don't practice what you learned between lessons you are wasting your time and money.  The Pro can't give you the next tip until you've got the last one habituated.

Trust the Pro.
He or she has a plan.  They will not tell you in advance what they are going to change over the next few weeks.  This would distract you.  Focus on one small change at a time until it's a natural, comfortable part of your swing.

And while you are in the care of one Pro, don't listen to anyone else!  Your buddies on the course mean well.  Smile, nod, thank them and do what you were told to do by the person to whom you've paid $.


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General Truths and Rules about Golf

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