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The Slice

Leading Edge
(into the wind)

spin.gif (12825 bytes)

Trailing Edge
(away from the wind)

When a ball spins off the side of a clubface, it leaves with sidespin.  As it travels through the air it has a leading edge (heading forward, into the wind) and a trailing edge (heading backward, away from the wind).

The leading edge spins into the oncoming air.  Turbulence results. The turbulence pushes the ball toward the trailing side.

The trailing edge side of the ball is heading away from the wind, there is negative resistance and the ball is pulled to the trailing side.

If you slice...
The clubface is 'open' and it's path is 'outside to inside.'

If you hook...
The clubface is 'closed' and it's path is 'inside to outside'.


What you want...
Is a clubface that's 'square' and on a straight path.

Result Swing Path Clubface
Slice <- <- <-  o/   /
Straight <- <- <- | o|  |
Hook <- <- <- \ o\   \


At impact, the ball is just trying to get out of the way of the club.  It takes the path of least resistance.  The more loft the clubface has, the more likely the ball is to roll up the face instead of spinning off the side.




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