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Topping the Ball

... means that you hit the top half of the ball and watch it squirt 20 or 30 yards (or feet) forward.  It's caused by a breaking of the wrists, just prior to impact, which sends the clubhead on an upward path before it strikes the ball.  The good news is that this can be an easy fix.

First, check your ball position.  It's likely too far forward in your stance.  You are hitting the ball on the upswing (and you are trying to lift the ball into the air).

Your wrists are breaking before impact.  You need to "keep your hands ahead of the ball."

Most importantly, check your grip pressure.  Yes, grip pressure and you can prove it.

Try this test/demonstration.  Take a club in hand and set up to a ball (ball and clubhead both flat on the floor).  Keep a very relaxed grip pressure (at level 1 on a scale of 1 to 5).  Now, keep your arms and hands still, and squeeze.  Go immediately from level 1 pressure to level 5 (the death grip).  See how the clubhead moves upward... it's actually higher than the ball.

Fix this by setting up to the ball with the same grip pressure you will use throughout the swing (level 3 on our 1 to 5 scale).  Constant grip pressure is a key element of a success swing.



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